About Us

SB Workspace are a dynamic forward-thinking company with a ground breaking insight into the future of the workplace. With a proven track record of supplying office furniture since 2009, we believe that we have the knowledge and passion to truly change the way that our clients interact with their workplace.

From our offices in Reading, London, Birmingham and Manchester, we strive to offer high-quality furniture products and an exemplary service to our valued clients.

Our client’s key strategic objectives are to help their staff work more efficiently and productively, and this is being measured through staff well-being, collaboration, acoustics, privacy and aesthetics. At SB Workspace we believe that the furniture is the most important aspect of the office. By providing the best furniture settings, staff can choose a work setting which it is most suitable for them to complete their task.

At SB Workspace we understand the direct correlation between the workplace, and the people that work in them. Our clients often have problems that are not directly related to office furniture including well-being, ergonomics, privacy, noise, aesthetics and collaboration. We have a deep understanding of the workplace and can advise clients on the best office furniture solutions and options to help them achieve their objectives, and transform peoples working lives.

Our Approach

The way people work has changed, which is why we believe it’s time to turn the traditional workplace design model upside down. We deliver a seamless agile methodology on projects from strategy to design and delivery. We call it our 6-stage approach which is proven to transform our clients’ experience.

Stage 1

Vision & Engagement

space planning
Stage 2

Concept Design & Space Planning

design planning
Stage 3

Detailed Design Solution

pre delivery
Stage 4


delivery installation
Stage 5

Delivery & Installation

Stage 6

Aftercare & Post Contract Care

Our Team

Cyril Parsons Managing Director
Stephen Parsons Managing Director
Lee Parsons Marketing Director
Iyna Butt HR Manager
Georgia Roy Executive Assistant
John Middlemist Sales Director
Ben Roy Operations Director
Jessica Burke Designer
Hannah Robinson Senior Designer
Keiran Best Project Manager

Our Services