Agile Working – Creating the Best Environment

April 2020

Variety of space and furnishings is key when it comes to agile working.

We’re aiming to create arenas that encourage staff to break away from the confines of a single desk while, at the same time, battling to change the fixed mindset that dictates we all stay rooted in certain areas of the office environment.

In order to achieve that goal, we have to offer an attractive alternative.

To coax workers out of their secure zones and regular default positions, we need to offer comfortable and friendlier environments offering a range of choices.

To make the space different and inviting, the key element to consider is what we put into that space; what furniture will encourage people to move about and make best use of the facilities.

A good mix of seating

As well as considering the ergonomics of the office chair, what supports health and physical fitness and what makes us most comfortable, we have to factor a different mix of working styles into the equation.

Seating needs to include single options and options for group working.  For example, modular seating units is useful as it can work best for informal meeting areas and for when different forms of media are being used. It can also be reconfigured to suit changes in layout or activity.

Bench style seating is an offering that provides another less formal approach. It enables people to work together if they choose to, promoting an easier, looser style of collaboration. It’s also effective for cross-team working and for a non-hierarchical style of address that removes the formality of levels and grades, presenting an ‘even-footing’ perception.

Sofas, of all different shapes and styles, soft, easy chairs, cushions and even bean bags offer an opportunity to relax, take a break and be social. Designed to be used for shorter periods of time, ergonomics aren’t such an issue here. It’s all about providing a welcome break and a calming environment.

The rise of the pod

There is much to choose from when it comes to the consideration of more secluded working. The pod has truly taken off over the last decade with a full range of choice now available from smaller pods, made from a variety of fabrics, to luxurious, bespoke meeting booths, offering comfort and privacy.

What the pod gives us is the opportunity to engage in quieter working, to complement the collaborative approach the larger office may provide, without isolating the individual in smaller offices or meeting rooms.

Agile means free movement

For your furniture choices to be as flexible as the style of working you hope to promote, it’s worth considering moveable options.

Furniture that can be moved easily – tables, sit stand desks, booths and pods – and that’s simple to reconfigure allows you to adapt the environment to the changing needs and demands of your staff. It also means that you’re not restricted by your initial choice of layout.

Nothing should be immoveable, including your choices. Having easy to adapt furniture lets you figure out what works best at any given time.

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