Agile Working

We understand that today’s work environment has to work harder than ever before to provide flexibility to staff. Offering employees freedom and ownership over where they best work, builds a relationship of trust in the organisation.

Agile working caters to this by creating dynamic environments and agile settings that can be tailored to different kinds of tasks. This provides employees with choice about where and how they work. We have explored a number of workplace settings that can be designed into a space to formulate an agile working environment. Staff can choose a space that is most appropriate to the task in hand. Collaboration and teamwork maybe better suited to large table settings, meeting rooms an even huddle screens where people can work together, unlike lone detailed working which might require a private and quiet space to work.

Furniture Settings

We suggest that you include the following furniture settings within your workplace to enable employees to work at their best.

Team Working


Compact assembly points for the engagement of people in common surrounding areas between individual working points.


Club-House is a term used to refer to a space that is assigned to a team generally for a long-term project or task.


The Workshop is a setting for people working together to generate new ideas and enable them to drive their work forward.

Singular Concentration


Library space can be used for quiet research, investigation and discreet working between other work tasks.


A small isolated shelter where concentrated and focused work can be done without distraction or a place for a quiet contemplation.


Cell pods can be used for sales and power telephone calls.



The plaza is the heart and hub of the office landscape. It is a welcoming place where people can meet and interact, refresh and recharge with a little “down-time”.


Hive working spaces are areas with unassigned workstations flooded with WIFI and IT technology.


Source is a centralised space for the shared resources, printers and storage with acoustics and visual masking to minimise any distractions.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Space

Designed to support information sharing either as a lead speaker at the head of the table or a less formal group of peers talking and listening among themselves.


An open perching spot adjacent to meeting spaces and forums for cooling down after meetings or in preparation before meetings.


Forum, a space for informal exchange and development of ideas.