Boardroom Tables

Boardroom Tables Should

  • Inspire employees and clients
  • Increase productivity
  • Complement office decor
  • Make a statement
  • Create a positive psychological impact

Conference Boardroom Tables That Inspire Dynamic Exchanges

When important decisions need to be made, boardroom tables with aesthetic quality and a functional design create a powerful dynamic that inspires senior executives, employees and clients.

As the centrepiece of a boardroom, conference tables should project a distinct impression of your brand. Not only do you want to make a bold, visual statement, but your boardroom table also needs to incorporate power supplies and data capabilities that accommodate modern technologies and drive productivity.

SB Workspace partner with leading UK manufacturers and have a host of premium quality boardroom tables that are suitable for conference rooms of all sizes. No matter what the nature of your business is, our experienced interior designers are on hand to advise you of your best options to ensure you install a boardroom table that inspires dynamic exchanges.

Boardroom Tables That Make A Statement

To make a lasting impression with your clients, you need a boardroom to match your business expertise and capture the essence of your brand. With the help of our leading consultants, we will ensure your firm’s aspirations are reflected in a conference room that makes a statement. We have access to a variety of exceptional options that include elegant finishes and blend harmoniously with the overall setting.

With access to an extensive range of conference tables to choose from including flexible designs which naturally assimilate to various types of tasks, solid oak legs that are built to last or elegant compositions made from sustainable materials including wood, lacquer, cement or glass combined with a sophisticated aluminium or brill structures and much more.

In today’s digital climate, it’s also important for businesses to embrace the latest technologies. Boardroom tables with integrated sockets enable you to break away from the old-fashioned conference rooms and create a dynamic meeting space that accommodates modern working practices.

Our objective is to raise the standards of your meeting space and install a boardroom table that reflects your brand values and makes a statement; your qualities, strengths and precision. The boardroom tables we can supply come complete with a selection of clean and functional tabletop designs together with sockets and cable tidies that enhance creativity and planning.

Boardroom Tables That Ooze Character

There’s no doubt that a boardroom should be the centrepiece of every conference room. Exquisite designs that reflect the character of your business will largely depend on the aesthetic quality of the surface, the type of leg base and how you intend to use the conference room.

Meeting rooms should be warm, welcoming and attractive. This is easily achieved with conference tables that ooze the X-factor, influence the perception of your brand and play a positive role in the success of your business.

During the selection process, our experienced interior designers determine how the conference room will predominantly be used. Our consultants focus your attention on the personnel that will mostly populate the boardroom, how many people the table should accommodate and take precise measurements to ensure the proportions dominate the room whilst leaving sufficient room for people to comfortably occupy space around the edges of the room.

We will also create a checklist of all the equipment you are likely to use during various meetings. This will enable us to determine how much space you may need for items such as lecterns, credenzas, presentation easels, projection screens and audiovisual trolleys together with convenient power sources, microphones for teleconferencing and phone jacks.

It’s also important to consider options such as beverages, food and snacks that sometimes play an integral part of lengthy meetings – especially when entertaining guests. No detail is left untouched, even down to the material of the chairs. Spillages do happen so you may want to consider easy-clean and stain-resistant chairs.

SB Workspace believes in delivering an end-to-end service you can rely on so our experts will be available to help you position the table and ensure the installation and transformation of your conference room goes smoothly.

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