Executive Seating

Benefits of Executive Seating

  • Molded backrest enhanced lumbar support
  • Tilt mechanism to encourage proper posture and alleviate blood flow to legs and feet
  • Enhanced seat depth supports muscles and blood circulation
  • Adjustable settings enable users to customise, height and depth
  • Swivel function enables users to rotate without excessive effort
  • Headrests support neck and shoulders for superior seating posture
  • Added comfort reduces number of sick days and enhances productivity
  • Good physical health helps to maintain unhindered cognitive function

Executive Care and Comfort For Your Employees

Contemporary office furniture should be sleek, comfortable and ergonomic. Today’s informed workforce realise how poorly designed office furniture can damage their health and wellbeing.

Senior executives and visiting clients expect executive seating that supports their physiological needs and enhances their levels of comfort. With a wide range of contemporary executive seating available in today’s market, our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will help you identify a choice of executive seating that provides style, sophistication and comfort.

We are confident our extensive knowledge and access to an extensive range of executive seating will enable us to identify superior office furniture that blends harmoniously with your workspace environment, aligns with your company culture and, most of all, ensures you and your colleagues enjoy extreme comfort all day, every day.

Ergonomic Executive Seating

Sitting for prolonged periods of time takes its toll on the musculoskeletal structure. If the seating you provide for your employees does not support correct posture and support the lumbar region, the tension will damage ligament muscles.

The soft fabric of premium executive chairs literally mold into the body and adjustable settings enables users to customise height together with the position of the back support and armrests. Studies have shown that enhanced comfort offered by office furniture can increase productivity and reduce the number of sick days caused by back pain.

Executive seating is designed to support the back and position the legs at a 90-degree angle. They also have adjustable height settings so that users are not straining the muscles in the forearms when using a computer keyboard.

What’s more, the soft seating is much kinder to hips and thighs than the rigid surfaces typically associated with standard task seating. Since it was discovered that more cushioning prevents pressure on the back of your legs, hips and buttocks, ergonomic executive seating has been designed with a depth of 5-10cm for optimum support and allows blood circulation to flow freely.

Executive Seating Reduces Health Risks

Poor seating posture can pose several health risks including neck, back and shoulder pain, poor blood circulation, impaired lung function, poor digestion, constricted nerves and curvature of the spine. It is estimated that 0.2% of the days your employees are absent from work is due to poor posture.

What’s more, when sitting positions hinder blood circulation, it could result in a blood clot – which can sometimes be fatal. One study found that healthy men with poor seating posture are 64% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

Investing in executive seating solutions helps to reduce the pressure on your muscles and veins thus allowing blood to flow freely. It’s also important to remember that the physical wellbeing of your staff also has an impact on their mental health, their cognitive function and their job performance. When employees are hindered by pain it distracts them from their work.

Furniture Consultancy Experts

Whilst budget, performance and aesthetics may influence your personal decisions, our experienced consultants take a holistic approach when choosing executive seating for your office furniture. Material choices, quality and perception also have to be taken into account.

Standard ergonomic executive chairs are typically designed for all types of users. However, standard designs are not always the best option. Our experts will present you with the best executive seating solutions that offer value for money and are also fit for purpose.

As experienced interior office design consultants, our commitment to you is to ensure you acquire the best products for the best value. The advice we offer is impartial and seeks to satisfy your best interests, not ours.

We have access to a wide range of executive seating solutions for you to choose from, but you make the final decision. We are only here to offer our expert advice and experience based on your needs, preferences and tastes, and arrange to have your executive seating delivered and installed in your office.

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If you want to create a compelling workspace and take care of your employees’ health and wellbeing, take advantage of our expertise. We help you identify executive seating solutions that best suit your needs, transform your office environment and redefine how you work.

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