Office Desks

SB Workspace understand that we need to create meangingful places that people choose to work in. The office desk has never been more important as people are looking to increase their productivity and flexibility.

SB Workspace offers a range of desking from the simple and elegant to the robust and practical. Each product comes with a range of cable management and desk screen solutions. Many of the products have flexibility built in to help reduce cost and the impact on the environment.

The modern office desk tends to offer a personal space where staff can concentrate and be productive. The modern workstation will often be built with screens and storage all around to provide privacy and divide the space to eliminate distractions from others. Screens can offer acoustic absorption and increase concentration in noisy areas. In order to offer maximium flexibility to employers, height adjustable desking should be considered. Studies have shown that a change in posture can aid concentration.

If you are looking for an open plan style desking arrangement, then the four person clusters with some personal storage is one of our most typical workstation set-ups. With only a small amount of screening there is not too much division between colleagues, encouraging some social interaction.

We specilise in executive desking, and bespoke desks. An executive work area is usually found in a private office for a senior manager. It provides increased privacy for focus on tasks requiring heavy concentration or that may be of a sensitive nature.

Office desks can be designed into your space using the concept of agile working. By using a block planning approach it is relatively simple to segment a building floorplate, irrelevant of its size and shape. By respecting the integrity of the building’s structure, this allows furniture to be ‘zoned’ and simplifies the integration and power and services. This approach to modular planning allows for greater flexibility in the future.

Agile working means that many people do not have an assigned desk, but rather utilize appropriate areas for individual tasks.

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