Office Phone Booths

The Best of Phone Booths

  • Provide privacy
  • Reduce noise
  • Lower stress levels
  • Foster confidence
  • Enhance performance

Soundproof Phone Booths for Agile Offices

The number one complaint employees have about working in an open-plan office is background noise. Numerous studies have shown that distractions throughout an office make it difficult for employees to properly focus on their work which subsequently increases stress levels and has a negative impact on productivity.

Office phone booths are proving to provide a beneficial solution. Single person privacy booths enable staff to make work-related and personal phone calls, execute Skype calls without background interference and resolves issues with staff leaving the office to make a phone call.

Soundproof phone booths also eliminate sound both inside and outside the booth. This enables employees to use the phone without distracting neighbouring colleagues.

What’s more, when individuals are given the freedom to speak with clients in private without their colleagues listening in, they feel less stressed and talk with confidence. The enhanced privacy of phone booths helps employees focus on what they are saying, build a rapport with customers and improve their performance which can ultimately seal a deal.

SB Workspace has access to a wide range of private phone booths which deliver a high-quality performance and are easy to assemble. Office phone booths are ideal for company operations that are phone-intensive and our expert interior design consultants can present you with a selection of high-grade builds that best suit your purpose, your budget and the design of your workplace.

Premium-Grade Private Phone Booths

A psychological repercussion of an open-plan office is there’s no way to escape the noise and a total lack of privacy. Distractions create an adverse effect on productivity levels and cause some individuals so much distress, noisy environments have been found to contribute to mental health issues.Although phone booths provide a solution, not every model on the market is fit-for purpose. The whole point of installing a phone booth in your office is to cancel out distracting noises and foster increased productivity and enhanced performance in order to support your efforts in boosting staff morale and providing more job satisfaction.

SB Workspace partner with a number of leading UK manufacturers that provide premium-grade office phone booths engineered by expert sound technicians for maximum privacy. Closed-door phone booths also have fitted ventilation systems so users can adjust the temperature as needed.

Made from sustainable materials and finished in a range of elegant woods, high-quality plexiglass and aluminium features, the designs not only provide a private noise-free cubicle but present an eye-catching element to your entire office design.

Call an Expert Workspace Consultant

To create a tranquil, distraction-free work environment, companies are increasingly installing office phone booths in the workplace. However, with so many options on the market, it’s difficult to know which phone booths provide the best solution for your needs.

Although office phone booths are a relatively new solution, the dedicated interior office design consultants at SB Workspace have performed some practical research to identify the best office phone booths for each budget category.

During the consultation process, we will determine what you will mostly use the office phone booths for and make suggestions about where they could be positioned around the office.

Having said that, we feel it is pertinent to point out that we are not sales representatives for the manufacturers we partner with. Our consultants are merely on hand to provide advice, present you with the best options and help you install the phone booths. The final choice is entirely your decision.

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SB Workspace is a leader in interior office designs. We have access to an extensive selection of premium-grade office phone booths that provide privacy and quiet. Our friendly and experienced staff are on hand to offer expert advice and help you reach a decision that best suits your needs. So why not give us a call today and let’s have a chat. We’ll be sitting in our office phone booth!

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