Office Pods

Flexibility in the office is now more important than ever. Our office pods create an individual working space, which allows workers to go and work in a separate space away from the main working environment. An office pod is a great solution when you simply don’t have the budget or space for an additional room in our office environment. Using an office pod can give you a separate and private space for your employees to work or for you to hold meetings in, whilst still being in the heart of your office.

Our range of office pods are perfect for holding group meeings or client meetings. With an acoustic meeting pod, you can create a provide space that’s still in the centre of your office.

The great thing about office pods is that they do not require planning permission, and therefore they are a cost efective and simple solution for creating additional workspaces or meeting rooms within the office. The other benefit of office pods is that they are freestanding and do not need to be fixed to any internal walls or ceilings which means they can be moved or relocated if required. This also means that there are savings when you compare the costs against the removal of solid partitions and less negotiations with landlords as they will be classed as ‘loose furniture’ items.

All of our office pods are acoustic to combat noise polution within the workplace. Our acoustic pods are a great way of providing the privacy necessary for those very important phone calls!

Acoustic pods create a room within a room and are now available with a number of features such as led lighting controlled by infra-red, whiteboard panels, TV monitor units and air circulation units to make each meeting or user session as comfortable as possible.

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