Soft Seating

Soft seating or agile working style furniture plays a key role in today’s flexible office spaces. When employees work in an activity-based way, moving between many different environments depending on the tasks they are performing, it is important that the seating meets their needs.

Our range of soft seating offers solutions for a wide range of spaces including receptions, breakout areas, public spaces and collaborative areas. It is important to create a comfortable, relaxing space to support individual privacy and focus, ad-hoc meetings or a space to welcome visitors.

Our extensive range of break out seating is available in a number of styles, colours, fabrics, textures and finishes. Our range of seating here is also available in many shapes, sizes and modular solutions. It is easy to create a unique break out space that will reflect on your office and boost the office moral. For any help with this process please contact our design team who are happy to help.

Break out areas allow employees to move away from their screens without having to leave the office, meaning that they can take shorter breaks often. This provides a relaxing area for employees to collaborate which in turn increases moral in the office. Happy employees result in higher productivity and healthy staff decreases sick days. The collaborative environment of the break out area gives the office a group feeling in which employees work together to benefit the whole.

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