Kitting out the Kitchen

August 2020

With many office kitchens closed or placed under limited access, companies have had chance to review their down time offerings, from the refreshments made available to where workers go when they want to take their breaks.

The kitchen is an integral part of the home – but how is it viewed in the office and what can be done to make that space more inviting?

Workplaces have become far more flexible in recent years and the spaces that were once primarily reserved for housing a fridge, microwave and kettle point have spilled out, becoming bigger and more generous in both dimensions and furnishings.

Catering to the masses

If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen that opens onto an informal breakout area then it’s important to provide a good mix of seating options.

A choice of bench style seating and comfy sofas allows people room for choice of how they want to sit, eat and engage, while booths alongside afford a degree of privacy for those who want to have some head space and to eat alone.

The ebb and flow

A really good kitchen and breakout area encourages multi-level collaboration, with flexible seating promoting a culture of equality, regardless of pay grade.

Many people will gravitate to the breakout area for casual meetings and quick catch ups. It’s good, therefore, to have demarcation points so everyone is aware of where is for eating and chilling out and which spaces are reserved for  less formal work.


People don’t come into work to cook.

At best, individuals may be heating up last night’s dinner or a carton of soup. Given that, it’s more relevant to provide more than one microwave for general use, rather than a hob or oven space.

Similarly, having a couple of toasters and ample fridge space enables workers to cater for themselves without going to too much trouble.

The easier you can make it for the staff, the more these facilities will get used and people will come together during break times.

And, don’t forget…

As an employer, what ticks boxes for employees is the extras that you’re happy to provide. It’s all about the coffee and the snacks !

Fresh fruit, sweets and biscuits are always gratefully received.

If you can supply fresh coffee and a cupboard with breakfast cereals and emergency supplies for those who have forgotten lunch – soup, noodles, bread rolls etc – your team will thank you for it.

For more information, advice and ideas on kitting out your kitchen, call or email the team….