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Comprehensive Portfolio of Outstanding Office Furniture

There is no question that a well-organised and efficient workspace enables firms to be more productive and foster the health and wellbeing of your employees. SB Workspace has an extensive range of office furniture that blends form and functionality for you to choose from including desks, chairs, tables, storage, soft seating, meeting pods and reception desks.

We appreciate aesthetics, performance and cost are key priorities for organisations looking to invest in office furniture. Regardless of your preferences and requirements, our experienced consultants will help guide you to understand how your vision can become a reality.

SB Workspace has built a reputation as a leader in the interior design sector and have access to a comprehensive portfolio of office furniture that is attractive, practical and cost-effective.

To complement our in-house manufactured products and to enable us to offer a broad spectrum of solutions, SB Workspace has formed trading relationships with some of the world’s leaders in office furniture. Our experienced consultants offer impartial advice that serve your best interests. We are not salespeople that try to sell products you do not need or want. We present you with the best options – but the final decision is always yours.


Today’s workforce wants the flexibility to work in different areas of the office to suit their tasks, mood and personality.


Office furniture designs that foster working practices, enable users to change positions or recharge their batteries is proven to increase output.


Sedentary jobs have been linked to a number of chronic illnesses. Today’s office furniture designs seek to look after your employees.


Eye-catching designs and stylish office furniture makes an impressive impression on clients, visitors and potential recruits.


Comfortable office furniture that blends form with function helps to keep your employees happy and engaged.

Office Furniture To Enhance Creativity And Potential

Today’s agile office designs promise to enhance creativity and foster the potential for increased levels of productivity. Our extensive range of office furniture makes the best use of space and provides flexible working environments that help to reinvigorate your workforce.

Employees need versatility in the workspaces around the office. When they need to focus, they need quiet areas with ergonomic seating, when they need to collaborate they need adaptable spaces where they can be creative and when they need to take a break, they need relaxing spaces where they can socialise or rest the brain.

Office furniture takes a central role in designing adaptable spaces that transition seamlessly from one area to the next. Our experienced consultants create a variety of work environments that are conducive to the operational practices and goals of your organisation. With years of experience and a talented team of designers, we are confident of delivering exceptional results that help your business to achieve its full potential.

“Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.” ~ Mark Hampton

Specialists in Office Furniture

SB Workspace provides an expansive range of office furniture and delivers end-to-end services that enable you to transform your office and your business. Our team consists of experienced consultants, dedicated project managers, talented interior designers, trusted service technicians and a friendly customer support team.

Our primary aim is to understand your business culture and long-term objectives and to propose products and services that address your criteria. On receipt of your brief, we will provide a menu of options together with sample boards, mood boards together with indicative budgetary costs. These can be followed by actual product samples for further evaluation.

Our comprehensive service includes space planning, furniture selection and installation. Our experienced team of consultants will guide you every step of the way and create a professionally-designed transformation of your office, from the initial design stage right through to completion.

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SB Workspace is a leading specialist in workplace consultancy and office furniture design. Not only do we manufacture in-house office furniture, but we also have access to an extensive range of products manufactured by some of the UK’s leading suppliers. What’s more, our friendly and talented team is on hand to offer impartial advice every step of the way so why not give us a call today and speak to one of our experts.

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