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Meet The Demands And Expectations For Agile Working

The mindset and working preferences of the modern workforce is changing the entire office interior design landscape. A desire for agile working and a focus on health and wellbeing has brought about a seismic shift in the design, layout and furniture choice of office settings.

Consequently, today’s employees expect to work in an environment that embraces wireless technologies, enables them to perform their job more efficiently and provides ergonomic desks, chairs and soft seating areas that promote health and wellbeing.

SB Workspace has earned a reputation for excellence in the office interior design space. Regardless of your preferences and requirements, our experienced consultants will help bring the vision to transform your workplace into a reality.

Our consultants specialise in office interior design and have many years’ experience in creating efficient office spaces that help you increase productivity, retain staff and attract top talent. With a gift for producing inspirational and practical furniture solutions, our interior designer consultants immerse themselves in your world to understand your business challenges and work towards implementing furniture that seamlessly integrates into your office design and gives your staff the motivation and the capability to exceed your business goals.


Today’s workforce expects work environments to provide flexible workstations and a variety of work areas conducive to their tasks, moods and personality


Office interior designs that embrace best working practices inspire creativity and enable staff to recharge


Interior design and office furniture has a beneficial impact on the physical and mental health of your employees


Attractive office designs evoke a positive response and leave a lasting impression on your clients and visitors


Eye-catching office designs fitted with comfortable and functional furniture helps improve talent acquisition and retention

Office Interior Designs That Inspire Creativity And Productivity

Studies show that employee performance levels and wellbeing is enhanced when they work in environments that inspire creativity. As a result, more businesses are installing a range of office furniture and creating activity-based work spaces that help to improve job satisfaction, motivates employees and gives them a foundation to be more productive.

Office interior design plays a critical role in the overall performance of your business. Desks, tables and seating should be adaptive and ergonomic, workstations should be flexible and work areas should seamlessly transition throughout the office. Colours and artwork should enhance cognitive function, induce feelings of calm in stress-intensive environments and provoke innovative thinking.

The team of designers at SB Workspace are experts at creating inspirational workspaces that are conducive to the operational and personal needs of your employees and the goals of your organisation. Our highly talented team of office interior designers are full of ideas and solutions and always deliver exceptional results that help your business to reach its full potential.

“As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” ~ Norman Foster

Specialists in Office Interior Design

Our team of experienced and talented interior design consultants work closely with you to understand your working practices, brand image and business objectives. Once we have collected sufficient information, we create an interior design strategy that supports your operational goals and caters for the needs of your employees.

We create an in-depth strategic brief that helps you determine how to make the best use of your workspace, which areas and design concepts enhance operational behaviours, the frequency of meetings and the number of employees using areas of the office at any one time. With critical knowledge to hand, managers and employees have a clear vision of how office furniture can help deliver the best results.

Our comprehensive service includes space planning, office interior design concepts, sample boards, mood boards, furniture selection and installation. We have an expansive range of office furniture that is central to the overall design and our experienced team of consultants will guide you every step of the way to ensure your vision for the transformation of your office is even better than you had originally imagined.

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SB Workspace is a leading office interior design consultant and has built a reputation as a forward-thinking and reliable partner for businesses throughout the UK. Our specialists are some of the UK’s leading experts in office interior design and provide a warm and friendly service to make sure everything runs smoothly. Not only that, but we want you to enjoy the experience of choosing stylish and practical furniture that will transform your office. Office interior design does not have to be stressful so why not give us a call and speak to one of our experts today.

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