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Remove the Burden of Planning an Office Relocation Move

Relocating your business to other premises is a massive undertaken. To the uninitiated, this thankless task can be an overwhelming burden that zaps your time, more and energy. There’s a lot more to planning an office relocation and move than you may initially realise.

A relocation project has to be thoroughly researched and properly executed. When performed perfectly, you will notice the benefits are enormous. Equally, you will also notice the downsides if things don’t go according to plan. Not only is a relocation mishap disheartening but it could significantly impact on the productivity and profitability of your business.

To thoroughly research and plan a successful office relocation and move requires knowledge of leasing, brokerage, architecture consultancy and interior design. Without the insights and experience of professional consultants, there is often a disconnect of information that ultimately has a negative impact on business operations. The smart choice is to hire an expert to handle the workload and ease the burden of pressure.

SB Workspace has overseen numerous relocation projects since 2009 and can install a controlled and efficient plan that meets your objectives and gives you peace of mind. We are fully aware of the issue’s businesses face when moving offices. Our experts bring knowledge that is a valuable asset. Our relocation specialists will guarantee the smooth running of your project – on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to your office.


Our experienced and knowledgeable experts ease the workload and pressure to ensure your office relocation is a smooth, stress-free transition


Researching and planning an office relocation and move is a time-consuming undertaken. Put your staff resources to better use.


The attention to detail needed for a smooth office move can be overlooked if you don’t have the experience. Our experts bring valuable know-how.


Relocating your business can be disruptive to operations unless it is executed properly. Don’t risk a drop-in productivity.

Avoid Disrupting Operations

Relocating offices can be an exciting period for a business and your employees. However, if you’re in charge of overseeing the logistics of the project, the pressure is immense – and less enjoyable. Not only do you need to ensure the installation of office furniture and technology is in place, but you also have to avoid causing a disruption to your business.

An office relocation project can typically take about six months to research, plan and execute. The finer details matter and the initial planning stage is crucial. Bringing a specialist relocation consultant on-board in the early stages the process is much simpler and the results are much more successful. With expert insights, everything clicks into place.

SB Workspace brings an expert level of organisational quality and know-how to your relocation team and will identify all the minor details you may not have thought of but are nonetheless crucial. Our office and IT relocation project managers are seasoned professionals and will help you plan and facilitate the office move to ensure there are no mishaps that disrupt operations.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ~ Confucius

Office Relocation Specialists

A successful office relocation and moving project starts by identifying your specific business objectives, priorities and workflows. With this information, our experienced consultants will help you determine the layout of the new office. How technology is installed, the positioning of furniture and the workspaces you create are all crucial to the continuous running of operations once your employees move into the new workplace.

SB Workspace creates a precise plan of execution that gives you a clear vision and total control to monitor the process at every stage. Our strategic brief enables you to prepare action points well in advance and also demonstrates how you can make the best use of your new office space.

We pride ourselves on delivering first-class customer services and assign you with a dedicated project manager who will work closely with you and guide you every step of the way. We also have contacts with trusted removal companies that we know deliver a high-quality and professional service.

Our friendly team want you to enjoy the experience of planning and successfully executing your office relocation and moving project. By easing your workload and allowing us to do the heavy lifting, we are confident you will feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction once the project is completed.

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If you’re planning an office relocation and move and feel overwhelmed by the depth of research and planning involved, get in touch with SB Workspace and speak to one of our experienced and knowledgable consultants. Our experts are here to help your project run smoothly and redefine how you work in your new office space.

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