Taking To The Roof

July 2020

Roof gardens and terraces work on a number of levels, creating a buzz about the building, providing an added bonus for staff and increasing office space, while also having a positive impact on sustainability. 

With offices needing to draw us back in right now and meetings outdoors playing a recognized role in how we address the current post-Covid situation, never has there been a better time to make good use of any available rooftop space.  

Diversification of the traditional office space

Roof terrace space can be used to complement and add to interior office space to provide an area for staff meetings and downtime; somewhere to get creative and to socialize while enjoying a freer, less formal or inhibited surround.

They can also provide an oasis of calm; a place to escape and take time out.

Like our office designs, which are increasingly shifting towards activity-related spaces, the roof space can be broken up to serve different purposes.

Dividing areas, using wooden screens or planting beds, allows for a mixed use vibe while affording as much privacy as needed. You can have areas that are for work and more casual spaces for socializing and relaxation.

Choosing the furniture

Just as you would carefully contemplate the furniture for an office interior before making your choice, furniture for your elevated outdoor space should be given equal close consideration.

All furniture and accessories – even the plants – need to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Fabrics should be chosen with a view to what’s resistant to both rain and UV rays, while a cushion box should be kept close at hand for all moveable, soft furnishing accessories.

A partially covered space or reinforced pergola can also be included to fully take care of any weather concerns and provide necessary shelter.

Keeping the connection going

Outdoor spaces can have efficient WiFi and TV screens can be added for use in outdoor meetings, to display corporate branding and for event celebrations and televised sporting events.

To sum up

There’s a real kudos to having an outdoor roof space that will help you punch above the competition.

With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can create a natural extension of your commercial space that can be flexible while achieving a real wow factor.

For more information, advice and ideas on roof garden furniture and designs, call or email the team….