The Importance of Providing Some Comfort

September 2020

The times we’re currently living in mean that office interiors have to be considered in light of how safe and hygienic they are. It’s important that, as we prioritize cleanliness and anti-bacterial requirements, we don’t overlook comfort, though.  

Now, more than ever, we need to be able to relax and feel comfortable, as well as feeling safe, in our general working surrounds. Let’s face it, austere surroundings don’t really cut it when you’re trying to bring staff back into the workplace and make them feel at home.

Mindful selection

Select your furniture with care and consideration.

Although the temptation may be to opt for easy cleaning surfaces and antimicrobial materials, there is a need, which is equally great, for the user to feel comfortable and at ease.

Gentler coverings, such as wool, have specific advantages. Wool is inherently anti-microbial as well as being softer, warmer and having acoustic benefits. (Note that wipe clean surfaces can lose levels of acoustic performance).

Office workers don’t want to be placed in a sterile, clinical environment that’s reminiscent of a healthcare setting. Spaces such as these do nothing to lower anxiety levels and can serve as a reminder of the current risks associated with being in a shared space.

By all means, when investing in new furniture, look into how long the Covid virus lives on certain surfaces – but balance any informed choices with the demand to provide an inviting setting that will offer psychological comfort and restorative care.

Taking the lead

Be aware that further potential lockdowns may incur delays when sourcing materials and waiting for deliveries.

Lead times may well be impacted when ordering furniture pieces. With this in mind, consider where the wood for the furniture is coming from as anything entering from abroad may be subject to delays.

Inevitably, frequent lockdowns, or just the threat of the same, will likely influence both design and choice of material. There will be uncertainty around supply chain and logistics and many customers will find reassurance with UK manufacturers.

There’s a balance between what is creative and desirable and what is deliverable, on budget and on time.

And finally…

Adversity doesn’t have to limit our choices.

It can bring us new ones and present us with pleasant surprises.  Life, post Covid, needn’t be as complicated – and this can be reflected in our office interiors and furniture design. Just remember to keep comfort as a priority and your space will be a welcome haven that users can enjoy.

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